dinsdag 24 april 2012

A bit of everything

Way too long ago again since I wrote something in this blog!
I have done bits and pieces of everything, designing stuff, reading quiltbooks. And playing way too much on the I-pad!
My scraphouses don't go quick. 12 of them are almost done, I have 4 more envelopes with the fabric sorted, the weeks that I still have to stich. Today is my last day at work and then I have 8 days off, so probably I will have some more houses done.
I finished a second block of my red top, so 10% done. I plan a third one during the next days.
Also in the planning is the fishesquilt, the borders have to be on it and the appliquations have to find its place.
There is also the event in Veldhoven where I want to do a lot of seeing, making pictures and of course, shopping! I already made a list of 'musts' and 'maybes'.
My oldes grandson had his Confirmation last sunday. As you can see he is not a little boy anymore. He has become a fine lad and a big animal lover. As you can see he is big friends with one of their cats, an old and skinny Poessie (which means Kitty) and his Danish dog Jeffke (little? Jeff) He has a hint of colour above his upper lip and his voice is breaking. Now the 'fun'time of puberty can come along. Fortunately I can cuddle his two brothers to death :-)))
We had a family gathering and a lot of fun. Next year it's his brother's turn and also my dad's 80th birthday, more festivities to plan!