zaterdag 18 april 2009


I've stitched quiet a bit on the SAL and am almost there where I should be. So a little update from it here.
I made the decision to participate in a RR, it is a while ago since I did so. It is a 6 person RR, I chose Ana Barbara designs for biscornu's for it. The individual pieces shouldn't be bigger than 60x60 stitches, so I have printed those out who are small enough. I will make a bigger one myself.
This weekend is going to be hectic, this afternoon the last preparations in the day care center, tomorrow people can come and look. And hopefully subscribe their babies!
Next week is devoted to the mail art which has to be in place by the end of the month.

dinsdag 14 april 2009


I guess the desert I made for Easter was lovely. The shining face of my youngest grandson speaks more than words. I just had roast and veggies, and tiramisu as desert (with a splash of amaretto).
I did not much stitching lately, only a BD card which is sent today, so not publishing yet.
My daughter is in the middle of the preparations of building up her own business, so I helped out a lot. She will start a day nursery for babies from 3 months old until 3 years. She will do it with a friend. They rented a house in our street and were busy painting the ceilings and walls. There is also a big garden which had to be cleaned up. Plenty to do and help with the kids, but fortunately nice weather this week. She will start on the 4th of May. She promised I can be storytelling gran and als painting and drawing gran. I'm looking forward to it!

maandag 6 april 2009

Rainbow cushion cover

And here is the finished cushion cover for the charity Regenboogkussens. The boy who received it, was so happy, he wouldn't let it go for a second. His mum had to persuade him to hand it to her to wrap it around a cushion. This makes it so worth to stitch for charity!
I also received the card for the March exchange, it's a Lizzy Kate design, which I stitched last year too for someone else. It was a nice surprise!
Not much stitching done lately, the weather is too fine and we visited the zoo with our grandchildren and worked a bit in the garden and relaxed. How nice it is to just sit and let the sun shine on your face after a long, cold and dark winter!