zaterdag 17 april 2010

Ying-Yang finished

The ying-yang sampler is finished for some days, yet no time to show it. Next week is class day for the patchwork and then I'll try to find a fabric in the shop that matches to make a cushion. I'm very happy with it.
Another lovely cat siggie received. I always wonder why so many stitchers have cats.
The easter holidays are over, next monday back to school for the kids and back to work for me. We (me and DD) had a shopping week. Clothes for the kids, a new trampoline as the old one finally gave up. Especially Stein does a lot of jumping on it, all his anger and frustrations are forced out there. I saw a lovely hammock with a wooden stand that let me dream of warm summernights. And I ordered one! In summer, when it's too warm in the house, I love to sleep outside. I have a big umbrella on the terras and I put a camp bed under it (should it start to rain). I hope to sleep in my hammock this year!
I did a bit of spring cleaning too, the weather was nice and it's lovely to see through clean windows and sit in a bright house. Of course the cats always find a bit of fluff in a hidden corner to show afterwards :-)
Tomorrow is competition day in the crossbow guild. I'm not concentrated as I should lately, so the last shootings I was the red lantern (what we say for the last). Tomorrow won't be better I guess as today I won't be able to go to the workout. But I always have a lot to fun, they call me the jester in our guild. Next we have the annual dish for St George, after who the guild is named.

woensdag 7 april 2010

Seasons sal

Finally the seasons SAL is finished. I did the backstitching last weekend on the fall part. There should be little swirls in fall colours in the design, but I left them out (I don't like doing backstitching at all) It doesn't feel as if something is missing, I think. It was nice to do, but as a project it was over a year and there were times I was bored with it. But now they are finished and I can decide what to do with it. Maybe little cushions or wallhangings, I have to go through my fabric stash to see what is available.
I also finished a litlle funny cow from a SAL on internet. My oldest grandson wants it for his birthdaycard in July. Speaking of being in time!
My ying-yang project is doing extremely well. I will get it finished this week and it will turn out into a pillow.
At the moment I'm washing my fabrics. Boy, do the reds bleed! So all I do is putting tubs out and rince, rince, rince. Lucky for me the weather is nice, so I can put them outside and dry them properly too.

zaterdag 3 april 2010

Ying-yang and fabric

I started (another) project which I fell in love with. It has one single colour and is a ying-yang design. I started it on monday and so it is when you see it now. Of course I'm stitching the dark side now, which is more work.
I also purchased the fabric for my patchwork lessons, it will be a piece in red and green. I'm not totally satisfied with the greens though, so next week I'm fabric hunting again.
This easter weekend will be quiet for me, only me, the animals and my needlework. I will totally enjoy it!