woensdag 29 juli 2009


This is a UFO that has become an urgent project. I purchased the kit a couple of years ago and started it, but it became forgotten (like so many others I'm afraid).
I will finish it now as soon as possible, so that DH can see it finished and framed and hanging near his whisky collection, in his own private pub in the back of our garden. My family is doing the finishing of it as DH hasn't got the possibilities anymore for it. I will publish some pictures of it as soon as the work is done. At the moment they are making the counter.
It has a lot of French knots, not my favourite part of a design, but until now, they are fairly good, I think.
Today we were at hospital again for his pain medication, the dose has increased once more and if this doesn't help, he will be admitted in hospital to see what else can be done to be comfortable. I contacted an organisation who helps people who want to stay in their own house until the end. They are a hughe support and help with whatever they can, they are the cream of our society I think. I hope I can do some volunteerwork in the future for them.

donderdag 23 juli 2009

Lightning Mc Queen

I stitched Lightning Mc Queen for Regenboogkussens. It is for a little boy who is fond of the cartoon Cars. It was searching for a while for a chart with the right dimensions, but one of the members of the group sent a good one to me.
We had a couple of warm sunny days, so when Jelle, our youngest grandson was at our place, I filled a tub of water and he was enjoying it very mucht, as you can see. Kids and water and sand go very well together. No sand though at our terras.
Our good friend Jean-Yves came from Germany for some days. He cleaned up the garden and took us to the seaside for a day. It was very nice weather and we could sit for a while with a nice Belgian Beer and one of our national dishes Tomato with shrimps. Yummie! Zeebrugge is the place where we took the ferry to Hull in a previous life to go on holidays to Scotland. So lots of happy memories came back while sitting there. And some healthy air is always good.
Hubby is doing rather well, yesterday a kind of infiltation thing was installed and nurses come every day to fill it with morphine to kill the pain. Next week we will go to the pain clinic again to see if the amount they put in it, is enough. I'm reliefed that he is being more comfortable.

woensdag 15 juli 2009

Bad bad news

The therapy for DH has stopped, nothing what doctors have done has helped. The main thing is now paintherapy, so he can live his remaining days in peace. Friday we will have a long talk with the oncologist about the things to come. Now we are in tears, our brains know what will happen, our hearts are stil in denieal. It hurts so much and there is no cure...

Michael Powell and other finishes

The blue themed card arrived with its BDgirl, so I can show it. I used variegated thread to stitch the carroussel horse and I think it came out very nice.

Summer SAL had his 4th part send out and I stitched it on immediately, so no thinking about that anymore.

I promised to stitch on my UFO's, I know, instead I took a new project. I stitched the Misty Hill Town mini of Michael Powell in 7 days. For the first time I was short of threads, never happened before in the kits I stitched already. I've taken a picture of the minis I stitched until now. i don't have a clue yet what I'm going to do with them. The lighthouse is not a mini, he has 3 of them in the mini range, which are in my stash.
Next project are two for the Regenboogkussens. One is a flower from the Ellen Maurer Stroh freebies. The tragedy in Apeldoorn has left 8 families with a member who lost his life. For each family there will be a cushioncover with a rainbow and 4 different flowers. Each cushion has a colourtheme. After that we will stitch cushioncovers for the wounded too.
The next is for a boy and his theme is Cars. I will stitch Lightning McQueen. I will put on the DVD while I stitch, to be in the mood.
And there are the BD cards, one is for my eldest grandson Stein who will be 10 on the 30th, still have to search for a design. He is a hughe dinosaur lover, so charts enough to go through.
Today DH has to go to hospital to find out if the chemotherapy has worked so far. My stomach is hurting for a couple of days already and I had some sleepless nights. This blog entry is one of the things I do to pass the time until it's time to go this afternoon.

woensdag 8 juli 2009

Cushioncover arrived!

Today the Scottish cushioncover from Regenboogkussens arrived at our home.
Heidi was home with us, so we could give it to DH together. I can say that is was a very emotional moment. Many tears were shed. It is so very beautiful and you can feel the love with which it's made! Thank you so much Angelique, Anne and Yvonne who stitched the thistle, highland cow and piper, and to Siobhan who put it all together.
I also enclosed a picture of DH with his cushion and one of our last trip to Scotland in 2006. It was our last holiday. We were at the campsite of Machrihanish in Kintyre. DH was practising on his bagpipes and you can guess what he was playing ... Of course, Mull of Kintyre! We went to Kintyre a couple of times, it's so lovely there (the rest of Scotland too!).

dinsdag 7 juli 2009

Another finish

I started to stitch on the tiger last week, but soon got bored with it. Then I discovered another piece I started not too long ago, so you can still call it a WIP. The right lower quarter was done apart from the backstitches. So I did a good amount of hours of stitching an finished it.
It's a Michael Powell design, mini Greek island 1. I love his designs. I stitched some of his mini designs already, I will take a pic of it for another time.
He has designed a couple of lighthouses too, my favourite theme to stitch.
At the moment I'm stitching on the RR, with funny animals as a theme. The charts were with it, but I won't say which animal I choose yet.
The RR I sent to the next girl hasn't arrived yet, nor has the BD card. It's funny, sometimes the post to the Netherlands goes perfectly, other times it takes ages before it arrives. It's always worrying when it's delayed, sometimes things get lost.