vrijdag 28 november 2008

Spending money

Today I went into town to go shopping with my daughter.
6 december we have St Nicholas (Sinterklaas in Flemish), when kids find presents and sweets in their shoe in the morning. So we went shopping for the three rascals. Jelle, our youngest went with us, he is a very good tempered child and sits in his pram the whole day while we spend money.
We bought a lot of games, DS and Wii for the boys, and us! Jelle got a lot of clothes, they were so cute! I also went to the International Magazine store to get my cross stitch magazines and others. And I just had to stop at the shop Pippoos where little bibs and bobs are sold to make cards and scrap books. I spent far too much money and we still have the Christmas shopping to do! Help, who has the donkey with the moneybottem? Can I lend it for a couple of days? I will treat it very well!
Hubby stayed home, he can not cope with the city noises and business. He has a night out, a friend came to fetch him and go to a whisky tasting. I hope he has a good time. Yesterday he had a very bad day, was crying all the time. It's not easy to comfort a man in pain and fear.
I'm behind in stitching, normally I meet the deadline in time, my mailart will be too late, I am still stitching! And I still have to stitch an item for the Christmas exchange on one of my Yahoo groups.
I got my first Christmas cards today, sent out some with letters to my penfriends too. Will have to send the remaining out next week. And also those for friends and famuly closer to home. I hate the writing, takes so much time but when it's done and the mail is on its way, it gives a good feeling.

donderdag 27 november 2008

Look who's here

I am a happily married woman. I'm going through a though time since my hubby was diagnosed with cancer last year.
My daughter and her family are a big support, but you can't put too much weight on the shoulders of a young family with 3 kids, so I will make my complaints here!
My 3 cats take an important place in my life too.
I love cross stitch, seeing threads coming into a picture and make people happy with a small selfmade item, can make me smile.
I try to do some drawing, just for fun, nothing special.
I love books, have loads of them, the thicker they are, the better. No lovestories though, historical based or crime stories are my favourite.
I watch all CSI's, Navy NCIS, Bones, Life, Women's Murder Club, Midsummer Murders, Aspe, I just love crime serials!
I have a administrative job, too much hobbies and not enough time.