vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Siggies and card

My exchange partner for the wintry scene sent a lovely snowy landscape. Thank you very much, Pat!
Also in siggieland I was very spoiled, this week the postman brought 4 of them.
I selected some names from the list I received, all from different countries. I hope I can find the time to stitch some more siggies and send them out.
I had some thoughts about the clothes of my late husband. I will gather his shirts (when I feel ready for it) and make a quilt out of the fabric. So I will have a beautiful remembrance and he will keep me warm always. I ordered some books to get ideas and than make some rough sketches to see what suits me best. I'm a beginner in that matter, only made some small placemats, so the design will not be too difficult. Also I want to stitch it all by hand. I wonder how long it will take, but it will be a labour of love.
The snow has melted away but the weather stays cold. I hope it will stay dry as I want to walk the dog, he wouldn't get out in the snow, only in the garden for a short while, but not for more than 5 minutes. I should excersise more too, so walking will be good for both of us.

vrijdag 8 januari 2010

Cards of all sorts

My second Christmas card is ready, it was a little freebie I had in the stashbox. Some more are there waiting, I guess in summer I want to stitch other things than Christmascards, so as long as I like it, I will stitch this festive cards.
The birthdaycard for Heidi in the Crossstitchlovers was in the stashbox too, she chose Disney as a theme. I liked this little kitty from Aristocats so lovely, although not easy to stitch.
In the Xstichpals group the theme for this month was a winter landscape. This design was not so long ago in a magazine, I thought it appropriate for the time now, I think every country in Europe and the USA and Canada are cold and snowy, as I can read on all the blogs.
My three little boys are here for a sleepover, I guess no stitching will be done today. Being busy with them is more fun too!

donderdag 7 januari 2010


In my last entry, I forgot to mention one of my dear penfriends. Anthea lives in Australia and she sent me lovely flowers for Christmas. I was very surprised to see the local flowershop van stop at my door and deliver the flowers. I wondered very much from who they would be as my family and friends know I'm not a big flowerlover (except when they grow in the garden or in the wild). At first I thought 'Is it possible I have a secret admirer?'. It turned out that someone at the other end of the world had thought about me. It was so very touching!
I'm blessed to have so many good friends all over the world who have thought about me in this difficult time in my life. Friends are the most precious gifts someone can have.

dinsdag 5 januari 2010


2009 has gone, a year of saying goodbye and mourning.
2010 has slipped into my life, still mourning, but also a promise of new loethings. It will be a year of "the first time without", full of remebrances, but also in the same time a new beginning.
Nothing special happened during the holidayseason, people knew I wanted to be kept alone, only my daughter and her family came on Christmasday and NewYearsday. We had snow just before Christmas and I made this picture of my 3 grandsons.
It was cold and wintry and I sat cosy inside with the dog next to me, the cats in the neighbourhood. And it felt good.
I did some sewing, some BD cards which still are to be received, so no showing.
I stitched a Christmascard for 2010 (I didn't send out cards in 2009, too much pain not writing my love's name on them), but I'm preparing for this year.
I downloaded Sandy's freebies on the Sanman forum. I loved the jars she designed and stitched the borders already. I stitched on evenweave, didn't use that fabric for ages, still not my favourite, but no stash can be sitting in the drawer forever.
I stitched a card for the Xstitchpals group, the theme this month was a wintry scene, post the picture next time as it is sent but not received.
I managed to stitch on the SAL and I'm not behind anymore, only 2 parts to go and it is finished. it took more than a year to finish all the 4 seasons, but I like them very much.
I reveived a siggie from Monique and sent mine back, made some more to send out in the next weeks.
I also stitches some freebies from magazines, just don't know what to make them into, time ill bring inspiration.
I hope I can stitch a lot this year, maybe finish some UFO's or WIP's. And do some exchanges of cards, siggies, and who knows what other things.