maandag 30 maart 2009


I managed to finish the second cow this weekend. I took a pic of it and also of the two together. There are 2 other cows, I guess they will appear soon in onother SAL. I want to make the four of them in a cusion cover. In the second cow there were an awfull lot of French knots. I let them out, I'm not a big fan of them, they never seem to get into the right place.
Tonight I'm going to visit my old collegues at the art academy, it will be nice to see what progress they have made.
Tomorrow I want to search for charts for the mailart I have to finish before the end of April. And get ready to stitch the 4 parts of the spring SAL I'm behind :-((
It seems to get warm this week, lovely to clean up the terrace and put out the garden furniture. I love to eat outside when possible. I hope we can do so this weekend!

vrijdag 27 maart 2009


I know Ingrid received her BD card, so I can publish it. I chose a Maria Diaz design of a couple of baby owls in their nest, waiting for mum or dad to see if they get a juicy little bit of food. Tey lookto be curious to see what happens in the big world outside.
Next card I will have to stitch for the BDlist has the colour purple as a theme. I've chosen the design already.
Yesterday I stitched on the 5th part of the cow SAL, hope to finish it today and request the last part.
I was at the doctors yesterday for my finger. It seems there is no infection but a gel cyste. It should be squized out on regular times because the bulb is growing all the time and starts to hurt when it's too big. Or I should have a minor surgical incident. I don't like the latter at all. I can manage the first part without too much of pain. I'm afraid for doctors to cut into my precious fingers!

woensdag 25 maart 2009


The little duckling is on its way to his destination in the USA. So I did manage to send it in time for Easter. It was for the card exchange of March, the subject was Spring or Easter. I think this duckling is a bit of bothe.
I also could finish the 4th part of one of my SAL's, I hope to receive part 5 this evening or tomorrow morning and stitch it before the weekend.
I also stitched for Ingrid's birthday, het theme was owls. The card hasn't arrived yet, so I will post it as soon she gets it.
I have this week off, next week I sart to work full time again, hubby can manage to stay alone during the day. I don't think I will enjoy it the first couple of days, the hour will be set back for an hour this weekend and I know I will be crancky the first week!

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Mailart received

Today the Ingrid's mailart landed in the mailbox. It is very beautiful, so much work done. I'm very glad with it. She inserted some skeins of thread and a card from Bruges, the town in het neighbourhood.
I didn't manage to stitch on my duckling. After the crossbow training on saturday our president asked if I wanted to compete the next day. So we went and there was a special competition added to the normal one. We had to aim for a very small target, when you hit it, you have a 'king's shot', very difficult to get. I really had a lucky shot as I hit it. In the evening the people who hit the target had to compete against each other, the winner would be crowned King for the year. Only 2 out of 47 shooters had a hit. Together with the king of last year we competed. After 4 rounds an older man won. I think he was in his seventies, a long carrier of shooting, so I think he deserved it. And I'm very happy to stay the courtjester :))) It was only the 3nd competition I did, I only started shooting end of January, so it really was a lucky shot! After all, a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while too!
Yesterday was so nice weather, I was out with Kwispel after work and was very tired in the evening. I hope to stitch today and finish tomorrow the duckling.

zaterdag 14 maart 2009


As promised, the pic of the little cute frog I stitched for Antoines cushion cover. I will put a pic in the blog when it is fully finished.
This weekend I will try to finish the swap card for Xstichpals. The theme for this month is spring/Easter. Yesterday I started of freebie of the latest Card shop magazine. It's a little duckling.
Next week I will have to stitch another BD card, the theme this time is owls, still have to look for a chart.
This morning started beautiful, the sun was out and it was so promising. But now it's cloudy all over again. In the afternoon I will attend the crossbowguild for a training session, but the evening will be devoted to my duckling.
Hubby stil suffers pains and had another raising of his painmedicin this week. The physiotherapist says his arm is improving though. So I hope in the future he can slow down with his painkillers.
My finger still is infected, I am on another type of antibiotics again (3rd try). I could take a swap today of what comes out of the wound, so the doctor can send it to the lab and hopefully he can prescribe the right medicin and it can finaly heal. It is there for about three months now. It's not hurting much anymore, but it's not nice to see and my fingernail is all disformed already.

vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Mailart and others

Long time ago since I blogged, too much to do with hubby.
I made this BD card for Janien, she chose music as a theme. As I didn't know what kind of instrument she likes most, I stitched this nostalgic grammophone.
For my darling grandson Robbe I stitched the pirate for his 8th BD. They went to an indoor playground with some of his friends, which is called Pirates island. It is build like a pirates ship. They had a lot of fun!
We had a mailart going on with hobby as a theme. The person I had to stitch for chose reading. I gave her a floss tag with the same theme (it was the first one I ever made), a bookmark and some threads. And I wrote a message on a card of Antwerp. I hope Wendy likes it. I chose as a theme drawing and painting. I can't wait until I receive mine.
Now I'm working on a mailart with countries as a theme. I chose Scotland for mine. I can't tell yet what country I will be stitching, you'll have to wait until it is received.
Meanwhile I'm finishing a frog for 'Regenboogkussens', a charity which stitches cushion covers for sick people. I will post a pic soon.
Haven't done much on my SAL's lateley, will have to catch up.