dinsdag 23 februari 2010


I received an award from sommeke. She is a new friend on internet.
I should send this award further to 6 other bloggers. But I see so many nice sites, so many people who give their best that it is too difficult to choose, so it goes to all of you, my dear friends, who visit this blog and to those, whose blog I read and whose beautiful work I admire.

maandag 22 februari 2010


This afternoon, Puma went on a big voyage to her master. She carried loads of kisses and stories from the past 4 months, she will tell him that he hasn't to worry, that I am doing well.
Puma was a lovely cat, always telling stories. She also liked to go on a tour in the neighbourhood, see if everyone was well. She worshipped the sun. She was our companion for 15 years, she wasn't a very healthy cat, born in winter. But she always managed to overcome everything, cats are such strong creatures.
When I took her to the vet, the clouds were crying for the loss of such a beautiful creature. She didn't suffer and passed away peacefully.
My 2 other cats and the dog will miss her too.
Goodbye little darling!

vrijdag 19 februari 2010

I received another 3 siggies, it's becoming a real international trading.
The Valentinecompetition is over, I can show the card I stitched for Irene. It is a freebie from the Gazette94 blog. I love cats (have 3 of my own) and this one looks like a real gentleman with his ribbon and he is so kind to carry a little heart charm on his tail.
Yesterday I went to the hobbyfair. It was a nice day out. It is not very big but I managed to purchase some goodies. I first walked through it to see what was on. I stopped at Calico House for some fabric. I left my name for a quilting course. The teacher will contact me, I'm really excited about it.
I also bought some stamps for my siggies and good stamping ink.
Then I saw a book stall, I never can get passed books. I bought a book for DD, for her daycare center. And also some books on sock knitting, I really want to knit again. I used to do it when DD was young, she had nice sweaters with her favourite cartoon figures on it. I also knitted socks back then, and they used to be so comfortable, so I will give it another try. I know I have some wool somewhere, I will have to search for it this weekend. The knittingneedles are found already.

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

A new addiction is born

Two beautiful siggies arrived, it's becoming a real addiction! There are always some of them in the make and on travel. It is so nice to find a soft envelope in the post, you know there is a treat in it.
Next week is a hobbyfair in Antwerp. I will go there and hope to find a shop in the neighbourhood, where I can go by bus, that gives workshops for quilting. And I need fabric and all kinds of things for making cards. You can never have too much stash! Until now I'm teaching myself from books and internet, but for the remembrance quilt, I want to do it perfect, so I better go and see how experienced quilters do it. You're never too old to learn.
I didn't cross stitch very much lately. I can show the birthdaycard for Tineke, who choose flowers as a theme. I also finished the Easter ornament for an exchange, which can't be shown for obvious reasons, it has to be a surprise. Some more birthdaycards are in the make, next months I need 2 cards. Plenty of time, but you know, time flies!
Also next week the kids in Belgium have a week of holidays. My grandsons will be here a lot of time, not much will be done, but we will have a lovely time together.

woensdag 10 februari 2010

More siggies

Siggie harvest was good the last days. I will have to start a stitching marathon to have some of mine ready in advance. And there are some participants I want to send too.
This morning the world was white once again. An unexpected snowfront came over. Fortunately I didn't have to go to work today as the whole of Belgium is one gigantic queue.
Kids had a carnival party at school today, so I had a little turtle, a Zorro and a Roman soldier picking them up at school. No pics though as they immediately put their clothes out when they came inside.

maandag 8 februari 2010

Whisky the day after

My visit to the Scottish fair and Whiskyfestival was mixed feelings.
It was nice to see many friends and have chats and hugs and cuddles.
It was nice to taste some fine malted barley. I was clever enough not to go in overdrive though.
I had a nice meal of haggis.
I heard some good bagpipe music, different bands played their tunes.
I was in the middle of the world where my husband belonged, where he had some of his best moments. And I was there, alone.
Maybe for the first time since his passing, I realised there would be no more shared remembrances, no more reflecting (and gossiping I must admit) afterwards, no future together. I felt the loneliness cutting deep in my heart being in the centre of a crowd. It really was a big confrontation, as if I didn't belong to that world anymore. I felt lost. And the feeling lasted the whole weekend.
Still, it was good to be there and see that the world hasn't stopped. I don't know if I will attend gatherings of this kind in the future, probably friends will drag me there until I find my own place or until I definitely say I can't cope with it anymore.
Today was back to work and normal routine. It was good to be in my own world again.

vrijdag 5 februari 2010


Tomorrow, my late hubby's collegues will pick me up and bring me to the Scottish fair and whiskyfestival in Gent. Hubby went there every year with them, a boy's day out. This year it will be a girl's day out. We will start with haggis, to lay a good bottom for the whisky.
I will meet a lot of friends there, all enthousiastic fans of Scotland.
At the moment, I don't feel ready to go, but I know when I'll be there it will be very nice, although very emotional, I think.
I only can fear that no stitching will be done this weekend!

dinsdag 2 februari 2010

more siggies and cards

With the cold weather, I was in the stitching mood for Christmascards once more. One is a little elf from a Sal from Hélène's blog, the snowman is an Ursula Michaeld designs from a magazine. Marion had her birthday in January and wanted panda's or lavender. As I have more with animals than flowers, I stitched het the panda.
I sent out siggies and could recieve some back already. It's so much fun to see them coming in and some are real jewels.
I received the last part of the season's Sal, but didn't manage to finish it yet.
Some more cards are on their way and have to wait to be published here.
We have a flu wave over here, my youngest grandson brought it home, so I was babysitting last week, he slept over all the time too. As you can guess, not much stitching was done. Of course it's my turn now to cough and sniff.