vrijdag 30 juli 2010


I have dismembered my hubby's shirts lately, not so many but in a variety of colours. It wasn't as hard to do as I thought, it was not that I just would throw it away. I also bought some Scottish background fabric. It isn't a big piece of fabric, but as the shirts are so different in texture it will be difficult to make it nice, so I better try a smaller quilt than a big one. As to the print of the shirts, I think it is best to do simple squares and mayby insert one of the breastpockets in the top. On the fabric of the white shirt I will try to make stitchery or application, I'm not sure what will be on it though.
The Christmasfabric I bought for pure pleasure. As a free bird I can enjoy looking at those cute hunks without complexes, after all the eye has the right to be spoiled too. I'm not sure for what purpose I will use it, maybe a naughty back for a Christmasquilt? I'm smiling while writing this.
As you can see, I'm healing now in a good way, I feel I'm ready for a new start. I know my darling didn't want me to be sad and mourning for the rest of my days, we talked about that. Of course there will always be a little spot in my heart that is bitterwseet, but I have to go on with my life, making new friends, set new goals.
The heath is gone now, today my grandson Stein has his 11th birthday. He will come this afternoon for his presents and a nice card. He gets a Wii game from Pokemon, I stitched him a Pokemon card, which I have to frame yet, so a picture in a next entry.

maandag 5 juli 2010

Hot weather

We had such a hot weather last week, fortunately it rained on saturday and the temps are cooler now, at least for a little while, the rest of the week will be hot again.
My three grandsons were here for a couple of days, so I had put a little bathe under the big umbrella and they all had a lot of fun in it, even the dog was in it with them. Hmm, seems a bit overcrowded, need a bigger one next year!
The Lizzie Kate Sal had its 3rd part, a little leprechaun and its pot of gold, wonderful to stitch. I love all things Celtic.
The lego man was for charity Regenboogkussens. A little boy needs a cushion with lego to comfort him.
And then there are the birthdaycards, a cat for Ria, a cow for Gerda and icecream for Magda. Another is on its way.
I received a lot of siggies, I will make a 'group' photo of them for a next blog entry.
I started on a new block of my patchwork, a green one this time. It will come in the centre of the top. More about that in the next entry too. My basket of hexagons has become fuller too.