maandag 28 juni 2010

Big brother

I made a big brother for my little basket, a bit more 'summery', I think. And look, it has found a purpose already, my little haxagons are feeling at home in it!
It's highsummer outside, coming home from work on a hot bus amongst sweaty people is exhausting. A quick shower does wonders! And many handwashings are needed when busy with fabric and threads.

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Show & tell

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for being together with fellow-addicts. We gathered by the river edge in the clubhouse of the sea-scouts to see wonderful things.
After a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, the show began.
My eyes grew bigger and bigger with every piece that came by. There were very big pieces and small ones, but all very beautiful. As a beginner, it is overwhelming. You have two choices as a novice: or you give up, thinking that you never can achieve such beauties, or you are hooked forever and determined to make a piece for the next Show & tell, even if it is small. I'm one of the last kind.
Then we had lunch, everybody brought his own sandwiches, and meanwhile the quilts were hung outside, to admire for everybody.
We got a present from the shopowner who did organize this show. We each got a magazine and a small packet to stitch. The result can be seen on the picture above. I started it in the afternoon and couldn't stop, I just had to finish it. I'm soo pleased with it and although it's in Christmas fabrics, it's on my desk to admire and to convince me that I can do it!
I spent hours into the nigth, looking through magazines and dreaming.
My aim is to finish the top we started in the patchwork class this summer and to see what is in my box that can be finished in a decent way.
I think my cross stitching will be on a lower level the next couple of months, no new commitments anymore (unless I can't fight it :-)) )

zondag 20 juni 2010

Cross stitching

This time I have cross stitching related pics to show.
First there was the bookmark exchange. Instead of a bookworm, I stitched some readingbugs for Mireille. I liked the colours and it was very nice to see when it was finished.
There is a new SAL going on and the theme is Lizzie Kate. I subscribed to it. 2 of the charts are already sent and stitched. Every 2 weeks we get another month. I think I'm going to stitch a tuck-pillow to display it, see what nice fabric I have in my stach.
For the monthly card exchange, in May the theme was oriental. I stitched a freebie for Jean and she was pleased with it.
The charity Regenboogkussens had the cushioncover ready. I stitched for Marit, the cushionscovers were mirrored for her and her husband, they both have a rough time and the cushions will give them support.
Some more siggies arrived, as always very welcome. I made time to make some new ones and mailed some people who agreed to swap. So more siggies are on their way.
I stitched birthdaycards, but they haven't arrived yet, this time it really is SNAIL mail! The theme for the monthly card exchange is hearts, I finished mine, it will be framed this afternoon and tomorrow it will go to its new owner. I'm stitching another piece for the Regenboogkussens, some more birthdaycards have to be made next week as they are in early July.
So cross stitching will be the theme for the next week. Then I want to stitch on my quilt top again, block 3 is almost finished now.
My grandson is healthy again, full of misschief as usual. He will be with me the whole of next week, so I will have my hands full and stitching can only be done at nappingtime.
Yesterday and today are cold and grey, not very nice to celebrate the longest day of the year, weather will improve though. At the moment the loss of my darlinghusband is weighing heavy again, I feel very lonely and lost. I know things will be better again and those little arms and wet kisses will ease the pain the coming days.

zondag 13 juni 2010

I'm still around

It's a while ago since I blogged, time flies by and I wonder where it goes.
Siggie harvest was good lately, several beauties joined the pile. Thank you very much, ladies!
Another Christamscard is ready for the end of the year. It was Margaret Sherry freebie, only the presents were stitched, but small and quarter stitches did not make it easy.
I had another painting workshop. This time I'm not so pleased with the result, it looks a bit empty. As it is acrylic paint, I am able to put some more things in it afterwards, I'm not sure what and where though. Time will bring inspiration.
My patchwork course has ended. I learned so much and I'm hooked forever! I went through a lot of bags and boxes lately and found loads of fabric and UFO's. Like this log cabin. With the techniques I learned during this last months, I know I wasn't doing right. I finished the two blocks that were almost done and made them into a pincushion. I will make some of the others into scissor keepers and start all over again. I love the colours and will make something in the log cabin style.
I also picked up my Christmas sampler again. Now I know how I can make those cursed trees in paper piecing. I will finish it in time for the season and proudly hang it on my wall.
In fact I learned so much that I can finish several things, also cushion covers with cross stitching.
I hope I can join the actual quilting course after the summer holidays, it sounds very interesting, though exhausing.
I will attend a tell and show meeting this month fot quilting, the first ever, I'm excited and I'm sure I will see lots of things and find inspiration.
We had some lovely sunny and warm weather in May. I bought a hughe hammock lately, it almost fills my terrace. It is under a large umbrella, so cool and out of the sun. I already spent hours in it, my grandsons are hughe fans of it too.
My little darling Jelle had a nice birthday, my parents and sister came for the cake. He got a lovely Thomas the Tankengine set and was very pleased with it. Unfortunately, he has painful ears and throat and tongue due to infections. He stayed all week with me, spoiled of course. It is a kid that needs so much attention when something is wrong. His big brothers were easier, they were on the couch with their cuddle when they were sick and didn't make much fuss. Well, in all we had a nice week together. Only he doesn't want to sleep in the big bed anymore, he claims there are pigs in it. I guess I do snore.
I will have him another week in the end of the month. His brothers are at sea classes and mum and dad want to do things around their house. I can smell the cookies already coming!
Today is election day in Belgium, wonder what will come out of it this time.