zondag 15 februari 2009

Sal and BD cards

I finished the third part of the mystery SAL. I found the originial chart while browsing through my magz for a design. It's one of my favourite designers. And it is the design I thought it would be.
Then there are 2 BD cards which are received already. Tineke chose birds, I liked this toucan very much. Carine chose for happy snowman, I stitched this freebie (don't know anymore where I got it).
The next is a mailart, it has to be on its place by the end of the month. The theme was 'hobbies'. I've got the charts and materials ready, this is my project for next week. And another BDcard, the theme is music. And the 2 other SAL's I'm involved in. Busy, busy,busy!
Hubby had his first check up after the surgery. The neurosurgeon was very blunt to us (it was the not favourite one), next time we will go to the other surgeon for a check up. The oncologist was lovely as usual. The little part of the tumour which couldn't be removed is sleeping, a 3 monthly check up with scans will be done the coming years.
Now he will go to the physiotherapist every day for his lymphatic arm, his shoulder needs some therapy too. But in all this was good news, so I'm pleased.