vrijdag 29 juli 2011


July is almost gone and no entry in this blog. What have I been up lately?
Much walking with my dog and my grandsons in the nature reserve nearby. They have summer holidays now and love it to bits.

I did a workshop in dry needle etching and made something out of the picture which I took from them. It was a three day workshop an I had a lot of fun.

I went on a daytrip to Zeeland in the Netherlands with a friend. We did a museum about fruit and there was a exhibition from fruit themed quilts, very nice. After a nice cup of cappucino and a piece of apple cake, we went on and visited the quiltshops in the neigbourhood. I came home with nice fabric for my appliqué course in September, some other irresistable fabric, some charts and some quilt kits.

This log cabin chicken is one of them. There was enough fabric in the kit, fortunately, because my youngest grandson is on the run with it already!