vrijdag 11 december 2009


I got the stiching bug back, I guess. I'm way behind on the fall SAL, but I will do my best to catch up. They sent our part 6 today, I finished part 2. The backstitch will be done later, when the motive will be finished.
Tomorrow will be a non stitching day. My new crossbow arrived, it was a present from my DH, he sold one of his bagpipes for it. As it is manual work, it took a little longer than expected and he never got to see it. Tomorrow will be the first time I shoot with it, our guild is having a 'Christmas shooting', just pure fun, no real competition. There is a Christmas market also in our village and all members of the guild will stroll over it together after the shooting. It will be nice to be among good friends, I know they will support me when it's getting difficult.
On sunday I will try to stitch another part of the SAL and make new notes for the quilt.

donderdag 10 december 2009


Life goes on, I'm lost without my love, but I have the dicipline to sleep, eat and do things. There are moments when nothing can comfort me, but doing things where he could be so enthousiastic for, make me feel good.
DH always admired all the needlework I did, every card, mailart, exchange was thought to be the best thing I made ever. So it comforts me being busy with those things. I did BDcards for my yahoogroup, the last one went out a couple of days ago and there are some Christmascard exchanges. Those will be the only cards posted this year, I just don't feel brave enough to send out good wishes and don't know what to wish for. I want to hibernate from the 20th of December until the 5th of january, no holidayseason for me this year. But there are of course the grandsons who will keep me awake.
I discovered a new thing in needleworkland: siggies. You send your own to someone and they send back theirs. If you got enough, you can make a quilt from it. I received two of them until now. Mine is the one with the mushroom. It's fun to do, the first one took me ages (insecurity played a large part), but the second one was ready in half the time.
Going through my stuff I discovered a little Christmasquilt, which I draw out myself and started stitching. It is halfdone and I will have to re-draw it as I can't read my notes from then anymore. But I want to finish it as much of the material was bought by DH. Maybe I get in the mood a bit for the 25th in this way.