zondag 21 maart 2010

A walk to the zoo

What a wonderful day was thursday, so sunny and warm, spring finally arrived. I took a walk in the zoo of Antwerp. It was nice to have a stroll withouth heavy coats and gloves, hat and shawl. I went straight away to the elephants. Kai Mook is almost a year old now, I still remember her being born while I was watching the live camera on my laptop. She has become a nice little girl! The zookeepers were arranging flowerbeds and preparing the zoo for Easter, when the official zoo season opens (it is open the whole year though and I have a subscription for it, so I can go as often as I want).
Sonja had her birthday this mint, she wanted Country Companions on her card, so I stitched my favourite character from them, Tom Mouse. Another card is on its way for Ingrid.
And my siggie collections has grown once again as you can see.
Next week my first patchwork lesson is on, I'm excited, but alos a bit nervous, will my skills be good enough and won't I be too slow? Time will tell. I have experienced that quilters are patient people, so I guess I don't have to worry.

2 opmerkingen:

Annelies vdB zei

Wat heb je weer mooie siggies ontvangen !

Carolyn NC zei

Siggies look great! I do love the zoo, too. :)