vrijdag 12 maart 2010


This afternoon I went to a painting workshop. I painted this highland bull. It will have a place in DH's pub, next to his beloved whisky's.
It's far from perfect, but I'm satisfied with it. I made appointments for two more workshops in painting as it was such a nice afternoon.
For the first time since DH's passing, I could concentrate on something without any further thoughts. I was really happy with the result and I felt happy over all. So this was really the first step into a 'next' life. It's difficult to explain, but I guess you understand.

8 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Hello Edith,

I LOVE your painting, it's beautiful! It's such a charming bull really, I wouldn't mind meeting him ;) I love those hairs falling down on his face. You really did a great job and I am glad you could concentrate like this. Have fun with the next painting events!

Bye & hugs, Carolien

Anoniem zei

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Brigitte zei

It's beautiful and you can be so proud of it. How good to read that the workshop gave you a new feeling of satisfaction. Enjoy the next one!

Carolyn NC zei

Wow - that's awesome and only one painting workshop - it looks great! So glad that you are able to have a little fun and feel happy again. Slowly but surely. :)

Siobhan zei

Very lovely painting, Edith! I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Margaret zei

Wow, that is a great Highland Bull. Do you have those bulls in Belgium ? I know they have them in the Highlands of Scotland and we have some here in Australia.

Mylene zei

That's a beautiful painting. Great job.

Mexycan Karencita: zei

HELLO MY DEAR FRIEND! I am sorry to be so quiet these recent days but having heart difficulties and lots of hospital appointments. I am happy to see you PAINTING... it is a lovely bull, Edith! I, also, enjoy dabbling in paints when my health allows, and you inspire me to keep going! HUGS!