woensdag 10 maart 2010

A clown and a sock

Some more siggies arrived, lovely aren't they?

I didn't knit much on my sock this week. So I made a picture of it the way it is now. It is colourful, isn't it. I'm a bit excentric about socks (an other things). I always wear two different socks. OK, I hear you say, I do too, a left and a right one. But mine are different in colour. So, a blue and a green one, or a red and a brown one... It's funny to see people watch it and whisper to their friends in disbelief. Sometimes the urge comes up to make a funny face and speak very slowly :-)))
And then there is my little clown Jelle. Last saturday was carnival parade in Ekeren, where I live. It comes right before my door. In Belgium, we have parades on different dates. In our place it's always the first saturday of March. The two other boys didn't want to dress up, but they had blue and red hair colour. They didn't want to be on picture though.
Our Robbe was 9 yesterday, we had little meatballs with cherries in sirop sauce, a kind of 'national ' dish in our part of Belgium. It is the food he likes most. Birthdayboys and girls can choose whatever he wants to eat on their big day. They grow so fast!

The weather was sunny but cold the last couple of days, although on monday it was terrible, we had 4 seasons in a couple of hours! But it is so nice to see the sun, bright light and behind glass, you can imagine it's spring. When does it finally come?

4 opmerkingen:

Kathy zei

The siggies are all wonderful.

I LOVE your sock. And that is too funny about wearing two different ones. LOL Made me chuckle. Now me on the other hand I would go nuts if I did that. And I have on rare occasions that the blacks and navy blue looked alike. Only to find I have one of each on. I would run out and buy myself a new pair that match! :)

Love the costume. She looks adorable. And the birthday boys dish sounds yummy.

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Hmmm .... kriekskes met frikadellenkoek vind ik ook erg lekker!
Meen je dat? Altijd 2 verschillende sokken aan? Hahaha!
Fijn ook dat je kan starten met de PW-cursus einde van de maand!

Carolyn NC zei

Siggies are too cool. Costume is so cute - sock seems to match...hmmm - planned??? :)

Brigitte zei

Your sock looks so gerat. I can easily imagine the strange looks you get when wearing socks of different colours, lol.
Very nice siggies. Seems to become a real passion.