dinsdag 2 februari 2010

more siggies and cards

With the cold weather, I was in the stitching mood for Christmascards once more. One is a little elf from a Sal from Hélène's blog, the snowman is an Ursula Michaeld designs from a magazine. Marion had her birthday in January and wanted panda's or lavender. As I have more with animals than flowers, I stitched het the panda.
I sent out siggies and could recieve some back already. It's so much fun to see them coming in and some are real jewels.
I received the last part of the season's Sal, but didn't manage to finish it yet.
Some more cards are on their way and have to wait to be published here.
We have a flu wave over here, my youngest grandson brought it home, so I was babysitting last week, he slept over all the time too. As you can guess, not much stitching was done. Of course it's my turn now to cough and sniff.

3 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

O dear, I hope you will recover soon! My 'nanny-kids' and our Sofia have it too.
Lovely cards!
Take care & groetjes, Carolien

Mylene zei

Both cards and siggies are all beautiful.
Hope you feel better very soon.

Brigitte zei

I love your cards. And enjoy the siggies you 've been receiving.
I hope your grandkids will be better soon.