vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Siggies and card

My exchange partner for the wintry scene sent a lovely snowy landscape. Thank you very much, Pat!
Also in siggieland I was very spoiled, this week the postman brought 4 of them.
I selected some names from the list I received, all from different countries. I hope I can find the time to stitch some more siggies and send them out.
I had some thoughts about the clothes of my late husband. I will gather his shirts (when I feel ready for it) and make a quilt out of the fabric. So I will have a beautiful remembrance and he will keep me warm always. I ordered some books to get ideas and than make some rough sketches to see what suits me best. I'm a beginner in that matter, only made some small placemats, so the design will not be too difficult. Also I want to stitch it all by hand. I wonder how long it will take, but it will be a labour of love.
The snow has melted away but the weather stays cold. I hope it will stay dry as I want to walk the dog, he wouldn't get out in the snow, only in the garden for a short while, but not for more than 5 minutes. I should excersise more too, so walking will be good for both of us.

5 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Hello Edith,

What a lovely and precious idea to make a quilt out of the clothes of your husband. I wish it will warm you forever!
Nice siggies and a nice card! Thanks for showing & groetjes,

Brigitte zei

You made some very nice Christmas cards lately.
I love your idea of how you want to use your husband's shirts. It will be a wonderful work of love and it will do you good to have such a warm and beautiful quilt always around to snuggle in and keep you warm.

Carolyn NC zei

I love your idea to make a quilt out of your DH's clothes. What a precious memory to cherish. Great cards and siggies!

Annelies.H. zei

Hallo Edith,
Je hebt een leuke weblog.
Vandaag je siggy ontvangen, erg mooi, dank daarvoor.
Ga binnenkort beginnen er een quilt van te maken,dat kan je dan op mijn weblog zien.

Groetjes Annelies.H.

Always smiling zei

Hello Edith,
Found your blog through Carolyn NC. How sad to read you have just lost your husband I really feel for you and a quilt it such a lovely idea. Why don't you keep one or two to wear as a house coat in the summer, when you first get up in the mornings.
And some great ideas for cards, it has made me think what I could do
Chris x