vrijdag 8 januari 2010

Cards of all sorts

My second Christmas card is ready, it was a little freebie I had in the stashbox. Some more are there waiting, I guess in summer I want to stitch other things than Christmascards, so as long as I like it, I will stitch this festive cards.
The birthdaycard for Heidi in the Crossstitchlovers was in the stashbox too, she chose Disney as a theme. I liked this little kitty from Aristocats so lovely, although not easy to stitch.
In the Xstichpals group the theme for this month was a winter landscape. This design was not so long ago in a magazine, I thought it appropriate for the time now, I think every country in Europe and the USA and Canada are cold and snowy, as I can read on all the blogs.
My three little boys are here for a sleepover, I guess no stitching will be done today. Being busy with them is more fun too!

4 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Nice cards, Edith, I especially like the blue one!

Have a nice weekend & groetjes,

Carolyn NC zei

Very cute cards!

Meari zei

Your cards turned out wonderfully, Edith. :)

Mylene zei

All cards are perfectly finish.