zaterdag 14 maart 2009


As promised, the pic of the little cute frog I stitched for Antoines cushion cover. I will put a pic in the blog when it is fully finished.
This weekend I will try to finish the swap card for Xstichpals. The theme for this month is spring/Easter. Yesterday I started of freebie of the latest Card shop magazine. It's a little duckling.
Next week I will have to stitch another BD card, the theme this time is owls, still have to look for a chart.
This morning started beautiful, the sun was out and it was so promising. But now it's cloudy all over again. In the afternoon I will attend the crossbowguild for a training session, but the evening will be devoted to my duckling.
Hubby stil suffers pains and had another raising of his painmedicin this week. The physiotherapist says his arm is improving though. So I hope in the future he can slow down with his painkillers.
My finger still is infected, I am on another type of antibiotics again (3rd try). I could take a swap today of what comes out of the wound, so the doctor can send it to the lab and hopefully he can prescribe the right medicin and it can finaly heal. It is there for about three months now. It's not hurting much anymore, but it's not nice to see and my fingernail is all disformed already.

3 opmerkingen:

Brigitte zei

He's a cutie, your little frog.
I hope your finger will soon heal and hopefully your husband will feel better soon.

Mylene zei

Cute finish!

Hope your fingers heals quickly and good to hear hubby's arm is improving.

Carolyn NC zei

Froggie is so cute! Hope your DH feels better and that you are well soon, too. :)