vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Mailart and others

Long time ago since I blogged, too much to do with hubby.
I made this BD card for Janien, she chose music as a theme. As I didn't know what kind of instrument she likes most, I stitched this nostalgic grammophone.
For my darling grandson Robbe I stitched the pirate for his 8th BD. They went to an indoor playground with some of his friends, which is called Pirates island. It is build like a pirates ship. They had a lot of fun!
We had a mailart going on with hobby as a theme. The person I had to stitch for chose reading. I gave her a floss tag with the same theme (it was the first one I ever made), a bookmark and some threads. And I wrote a message on a card of Antwerp. I hope Wendy likes it. I chose as a theme drawing and painting. I can't wait until I receive mine.
Now I'm working on a mailart with countries as a theme. I chose Scotland for mine. I can't tell yet what country I will be stitching, you'll have to wait until it is received.
Meanwhile I'm finishing a frog for 'Regenboogkussens', a charity which stitches cushion covers for sick people. I will post a pic soon.
Haven't done much on my SAL's lateley, will have to catch up.

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Brigitte zei

The envelope you stitched for the exchange is really perfect for an avid reader. Great mailart! And I love the little pirate you stitched for your grandson. He will love him!