dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Mailart received

Today the Ingrid's mailart landed in the mailbox. It is very beautiful, so much work done. I'm very glad with it. She inserted some skeins of thread and a card from Bruges, the town in het neighbourhood.
I didn't manage to stitch on my duckling. After the crossbow training on saturday our president asked if I wanted to compete the next day. So we went and there was a special competition added to the normal one. We had to aim for a very small target, when you hit it, you have a 'king's shot', very difficult to get. I really had a lucky shot as I hit it. In the evening the people who hit the target had to compete against each other, the winner would be crowned King for the year. Only 2 out of 47 shooters had a hit. Together with the king of last year we competed. After 4 rounds an older man won. I think he was in his seventies, a long carrier of shooting, so I think he deserved it. And I'm very happy to stay the courtjester :))) It was only the 3nd competition I did, I only started shooting end of January, so it really was a lucky shot! After all, a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while too!
Yesterday was so nice weather, I was out with Kwispel after work and was very tired in the evening. I hope to stitch today and finish tomorrow the duckling.

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Brigitte zei

Ohhh, I love this envelope! It has great motifs, wonderfully assembled. Enjoy!