vrijdag 5 december 2008

Hubby's doctors appointment

Today was the important doctors appointment for my hubby.
It was a bit of good and also bad news.
First the good news, the cancer hasn't spread at the moment to other places than the one we know about now.
The bad news is that the radiotherapy hasn't worked. The tumor still is there and it is still alive. No therapy will work on it anymore. The only option left is surgery. We spoke to the surgeons today, the tumor is in a difficult place where many bloodvessels and nerves meet. They cannot give us guarantee that they can remove all of the tumor, nor that no damage any nerve or bloodvessel will be done. The paralysis of his arm can be permanent or even worsen.
At the moment hubby is over the moon because of no further spreading. He doesn't realise the rest of the message they gave us. I let him in his believe, the moments he is happy are so precious.
The surgery is scheduled for 14 January. No more tests or hospital appointments this year. I don't know in what spirit we will be on Christmas or New Year, I guess see day by day what happens.
He is having a drink with his friends in the pub at the moment, I will take my mail art and stitch for a while. The kids were at home after school for their Sinterklaas presents. Stein and Robbe got a Nintendo DS game each, Stein chose Batman and Robbe Powerrangers. Jelle got a garage with cars.
The big surprise is that my daughter shaved Jelle's lovely curls. People started to refer to him as 'she' and so it was time to do something about it. I will post some pictures next time. He really isn't a baby anymore now, but a little boy. At 1,5 years old, it probably is time for a new look!

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How fun is that with the kids. I am sorry about your DH. You will be in my prayers