zondag 7 december 2008


I promised some pictures in my last entry, so here they are, my three beatiful grandsons.
In the first picture is Stein at the left and Robbe in the right. They are ver instensly playing one of the new games that they received from Sinterklaas.
The second one is Jelle with his short heir. He didn't want to be in the picture I guess and is wobbling his tongue, but I didn't hesitate, these pics are the most beautiful.
On wednesday afternoon, while school is only half a day then, they come to our place when their mum has to work. Also on friday after school they come together with their mum and we take the evening meal together. It's always a challenge to make food that everyone likes! I have a grandson who doesn't like spagetti, another one likes Brussels sprouts very much while the two others get sick when smelling them, and so on. But I'm so happy to have a full table of people eating and chatting. Especially in summer when we can eat outside and it doesn't matter when the kids go to sleep.
Sometimes they have a sleepover and they love it, probably while they can do things that aren't allowed at home, but that's why grandparents are for!!!
At the moment they make my life bearable with their laughter and hugs and kisses. When I think about them, I get an energy boost and can go on for a while again!

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Donna zei

You made my day looking at those grandsons. I too have 2 grandsons of my own. I wish I could spend that much time with them.