dinsdag 2 december 2008


I'm participating in 2 SAL's on one of my Yahoo groups.

The first one is a mystery SAL. it is the left one. I should have received the 6th and final part by now, but I'm behind, so only 4 pieces done and the 5th waiting to be done.

The second is a 4 season one, each season is 9 pieces. We started with the winter, the same time as the mystery Sal. And here the same problem: way behind schedule.

I have posted 2 Christmas cards exchanges today, at least they will be in time with the receiver. I am stitching an animal mail art, the receiver asked for monkeys. It should have gone out last week, circumstances have delayed it. The group owner knows about it. There is also a Christmas exchange which should go out next week, so I will have plenty of stitching to do! This means only a short blog entry today!

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