dinsdag 7 september 2010

from summer to autumn

Another picture of my three rascals, I can't get enough of those momentos, every picture taken of them is perfect (says proud gran). School has restarted, Jelle goes to school for whole days this year, he likes to eat his sandwiches at school, but is very tired in the evening. Stein has French lessons for the first time, his dyslexia is playing, but he is very persistant and will make it. Robbe is his usual self, an unworried child, I hope it will end well this schoolyear.
June is the 6th part of the Lizzy Kate SAL, I am busy stitching August at the moment, friday the next part is already coming my way.
The All our Yesterdays kids are for a Regenboogkussen, the charity I stitch for. The theme of the cushion is the sea and the beach. I love the designs, cute and nostalgic.
And I stitched my first halloween item for this year, an entrance to autumn, the weather was nice this weekend, it rained tonight and more rain is predicted.
Yesterday evening I had my first gathering with fellow stitchers, met new and interesting people. i did some stitching on the quilt top of the patchwork course (which I wanted to be ready by the end of the holidays), bought some fabric (gatherings in fabric shops are dangerous!) for the quilt Stein ordered. The fabric in the book was in mpain colours, I thought it to be to flat for a young boy, so bought some pattern fabric for the fishes, I don't know what to do yet for the water, will see what kind of fabrics I have in my stash. And of course, I did a lot of talking and watching fellow quilters work. i loved it and am looking forward to next months gathering!

4 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

Stitching and pictures are great!

Mylene zei

Congrats on the beautiful finishes.

Precious picture of your grandkids.

Gerda zei

Leuke werkjes heb je gemaakt Edith en wat een mooie foto van je kleinkinderen!!!


Erna zei

Lieve Edith, heb nu even de tijd genomen je blog door te lezen.Leuke werkjes, ik vind All our Yesterdays geweldig.
Ik heb zelf ook een tijdje gedacht dat ik nooit meer naar Schotland zou gaan, na een nare periode, maar toen ik weer ging,voelde het als thuiskomen.Fijn je te leren kennen andere Schot-o-fiel...