vrijdag 24 september 2010


I got this award from Yvonne, just have to write about 7 things I didn't write yet on this blog.
So here I go:
1) I had cats always since I left my parents home. I love ginger cats and had a couple of them. They always had the same name: Pallieter. It is a name of a character in a book of a Flemish author, Felix Timmermans. The character enjoys life as it comes in the rural landscape where he lives. My other cats had unusual names always, currently I have Wellington and Nessie. Before there were Napoleon, Tobias, Loebas, Dikkie Dik.
2) I always manage to cut my fingers using a knife or scissors. I even did it ones while just putting butter on a slice of bread. I was forbidden by DH to even touch the cook's knives in the kitchen.
3) I started Tai Chi lessons 2 weeks ago. It is very intensive, but at least I can relax a bit now. And I hope it can help a bit for my health
4) I still work for the same employer where I started when I left school.
5) I have a little pub in the back of my garden where DH could enjoy the last months of his life. There is beer and a lot of whisky. The only thing about it is: I don't drink alcohol!
6) I attended art academy for a couple of years. I wanted to learn drawing and painting. It was not a big succes as we were pushed in a certain direction, could not decide what we really wanted and the basics of drawing weren't thaught properly. I haven't touched paper and pencil since DH died, maybe in the future?
7) I have about 50 penfriends all over the world. We just talk about daily life, what we read, about the kids, what weather it is, it's so nice to find friendly post in your mailbox!

Now I have to forward this award to two other people. Here they come: Gerda and Chantal

2 opmerkingen:

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Hé, nu kennen we je ook weer wat beter! Vooral de 50 pennevrienden zijn verbazend, het steeds in je vingers snijden is dan weer pijnlijk...
Goe weekend!

Gerda zei

Edith, wat leuk dat je mij hebt bedacht met een Award.... ik heb hem op mijn beurt ook al doorgegeven aan.... kijk maar eens op mijn blog!!!