zaterdag 3 april 2010

Ying-yang and fabric

I started (another) project which I fell in love with. It has one single colour and is a ying-yang design. I started it on monday and so it is when you see it now. Of course I'm stitching the dark side now, which is more work.
I also purchased the fabric for my patchwork lessons, it will be a piece in red and green. I'm not totally satisfied with the greens though, so next week I'm fabric hunting again.
This easter weekend will be quiet for me, only me, the animals and my needlework. I will totally enjoy it!

5 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Your "Yimg Yang"project is looking great and what lovely fabrics for your patchwork.

A blessed Easter!

Tineke...... zei

Dat ziet er te gek mooi uit Edith:) en hele mooie stofjes heb je ..succes meis:)
Groetjess Tineke...M.

Carolien zei

Hello Edith,

You made great progress with your new project, it looks great!

Happy Easter & hugs, Carolien

Carolyn NC zei

Nice progress and lovely fabrics! Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Brigitte zei

Oh, such a great project. And you have already completed a lot on it. Nice progress picture.
It was great to read about your new patchwork adventure. The fabrics you found are gorgeous. Like you I always find it difficult to find green fabrics. The reds are easier.
Enjoy your Easter weekend.