vrijdag 12 februari 2010

A new addiction is born

Two beautiful siggies arrived, it's becoming a real addiction! There are always some of them in the make and on travel. It is so nice to find a soft envelope in the post, you know there is a treat in it.
Next week is a hobbyfair in Antwerp. I will go there and hope to find a shop in the neighbourhood, where I can go by bus, that gives workshops for quilting. And I need fabric and all kinds of things for making cards. You can never have too much stash! Until now I'm teaching myself from books and internet, but for the remembrance quilt, I want to do it perfect, so I better go and see how experienced quilters do it. You're never too old to learn.
I didn't cross stitch very much lately. I can show the birthdaycard for Tineke, who choose flowers as a theme. I also finished the Easter ornament for an exchange, which can't be shown for obvious reasons, it has to be a surprise. Some more birthdaycards are in the make, next months I need 2 cards. Plenty of time, but you know, time flies!
Also next week the kids in Belgium have a week of holidays. My grandsons will be here a lot of time, not much will be done, but we will have a lovely time together.

4 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Lovely card you made for Tineke and cute siggies received.

Carolien zei

Hallo Edith,

Leuk he, die siggies, ik wil ook binnenkort!!! ;) Nog even wachten ...
Veel plezier op de hobbybeurs en ook met de quiltcursus. Ik heb het in oktober ook gedaan en het leerde mij wat leuke foefjes, heel handig.
Ja, wie weet komen we weer eens samen in een RR of zoiets terecht, leuk! Ik kijk nog bijna dagelijks naar je voormalige kerstkaart, waar ik een speldenkussentje van heb gemaakt.

Groetjes en een fijn weekend!

Tineke...... zei

leuk he Edith al die siggies:)
en dan die mooie kaart, die lekker hier staat te pronken:)

Brigitte zei

Love the new siggies you've received.