vrijdag 19 februari 2010

I received another 3 siggies, it's becoming a real international trading.
The Valentinecompetition is over, I can show the card I stitched for Irene. It is a freebie from the Gazette94 blog. I love cats (have 3 of my own) and this one looks like a real gentleman with his ribbon and he is so kind to carry a little heart charm on his tail.
Yesterday I went to the hobbyfair. It was a nice day out. It is not very big but I managed to purchase some goodies. I first walked through it to see what was on. I stopped at Calico House for some fabric. I left my name for a quilting course. The teacher will contact me, I'm really excited about it.
I also bought some stamps for my siggies and good stamping ink.
Then I saw a book stall, I never can get passed books. I bought a book for DD, for her daycare center. And also some books on sock knitting, I really want to knit again. I used to do it when DD was young, she had nice sweaters with her favourite cartoon figures on it. I also knitted socks back then, and they used to be so comfortable, so I will give it another try. I know I have some wool somewhere, I will have to search for it this weekend. The knittingneedles are found already.

4 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Hello Edith,

So you made this nice cat! I couldn't vote because I can't log in at Yahoo on this computer, so only Sofia could vote, but I honestly would have voted for your lovely cat!!! It's great.
I am glad you had a nice time at the fair. And the siggies are nice!

Have a nice weekend & groetjes,

Brigitte zei

You made a very nice card. And htis new hobby of yours seems to be rather addictive, lol. A very great way to make friends all over the world.
I always love going to craft fairs, there just aren't that many in my region. You seem to have spent a great day there.

Mylene zei

That's a cute Valentine's card and pretty siggies!

Hope you have a happy weekend.

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Dag Edith, kijk je even op m'n blog? Ik heb er wat achter gelaten voor jou ;-)