vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Loads of pics

Loads to see in this blog.
I've managed to stitch all the parts of the SAL that have been sent, so I'm not behind anymore. Part 8 is ready to be stitched, probably this weekend and then it's only one more part before it's finished.
Then there is the BD card for Hendrica. She chose purple as a theme. I stitched some pieces in glittering threads, but it doesn't show in the pic.
For the charity site of Regenboogkussens, I stitched Nijntje for a little girl who has had a lot of health issues in her life already. I'll show the complete cushioncover when it's finished.
Then there is the mailart which had as theme 'countries'. I chose Scotland an Wendy has sent e a beautiful envelope with a kilted person and Nessie in the back, together with Scotland's national flower, the thistle. I had to stitch for Natascha, who chose her own country, the Netherlands. I thought a Delft blue tile would be appropriate and at the back I chose for tulips. She said she liked it very much.
I've been sick lately, had a bad cold, was in bed for a cople of days and it seems it's hard to recover from it, as all my reserves are gone during the two agonizing years of my hubbies cancer treatments. He is going to the psychologist now and I hope he can cope better with the situation once the sessions are going at a regular time.
This month I will have to stitch 3 BDcards, the finish of the SAL and my part of the RR.
I did manage to do some stitches on Michael Powell's mini Greek island 1 last week, hope to do some more on it this month. I saw he has some beautiful bookmarks, they surely are on my whishlist!
My diet is going very slowly, I manage to keep the lost kilos off and very slowly loose some more. I lost 13 kilos (28,6 pounds) until now and I'm very glad with it.

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Carolyn NC zei

SAL is darling! All of the mailart and stitches I love. Hope DH is doing better.

Anoniem zei

beautiful beautiful stitching!!

Mylene zei

Great stitching and well done on the weight loss!

Brigitte zei

Your projects look great. Very nice stitching.

glenda zei

What beautiful mail art! I hope you are feeling better by now, how one can get so far behind on blogs....ugh. My thoughts are with you and your dh - I believe in therapy just because I know how much better it is to talk things out! (Like all women know :)