dinsdag 14 april 2009


I guess the desert I made for Easter was lovely. The shining face of my youngest grandson speaks more than words. I just had roast and veggies, and tiramisu as desert (with a splash of amaretto).
I did not much stitching lately, only a BD card which is sent today, so not publishing yet.
My daughter is in the middle of the preparations of building up her own business, so I helped out a lot. She will start a day nursery for babies from 3 months old until 3 years. She will do it with a friend. They rented a house in our street and were busy painting the ceilings and walls. There is also a big garden which had to be cleaned up. Plenty to do and help with the kids, but fortunately nice weather this week. She will start on the 4th of May. She promised I can be storytelling gran and als painting and drawing gran. I'm looking forward to it!

3 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

What a cute picture of your DGS and look at that grin!!

Brigitte zei

Quite obviously your grandson has a lot of fun, lol.
Good luck to your daughter with her new daycare start.

Carolien zei

Well, he must have enjoyed it very much, that Easter dinner!

The Spring and frog stitches you made are very nice!

Bye, Carolien