vrijdag 16 januari 2009


This is a non stitching message.
Hubby is in hospital for his surgery (spreading of his cancer). It happened on Tuesday. It was a long surgery, it lasted 6 hours. But it went well. 3 surgeons did it and they could remove 95% of the tumor. It is now in the lab to determine what type it is and if something can be done about the last 5%. Surgery is impossible and radiotherapy doesn't work. And as for now, the doctor thinks that chemotherapy isn't an option either.
The tumor was around a nerve bundle. It caused the pain and the immobility. The nerves could be 'cleaned' from the tumor, but there is no way to say if they will recover. The damage could be permanent. But hubby thinks the pain is already less, so high hopes on that. Of course his wound still is swollen and healing will take its time.
Finally, after almost 2 years (when the cancer was discovered), I saw a glimpse of my old buddy again. It was if I lived next to a stranger all this time. I'm sooooo happy to have him back and the immediate danger is gone. He will be in hospital probably until next week Friday (although I hope he can come home earlier).
On the diet front, I'm booking very good progress. I lost 5 kilos now. And it didn't cost too much trouble until now. Yippee!!!

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Mylene zei

Good to hear about surgery. Hope all heals up very soon.

WOW! Congrats on the weight loss.

Carolien zei

Hello Edith,

I just discovered you are following my blog! How silly of me I didn't look at the 'followers' earlier! I will soon have a good look at your blog, but I first want to say: I am sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he will recover as best as possible. Wat een zorg!
Take care & hartelijke groet, Carolien