dinsdag 20 januari 2009


Not a very good picture of our new dog, but I guess many more will follow. The cats still refuse to come out from behind the central heating burner. I have set some food and water for them. I hope they go out at night for a wee p... . Tomorrow I will buy a grid which is used for kids and place it so that they can get out without crossing the dog's path.
I am a bit dissapointed in Wellington, he used to sit near Kwispel before (ok, hissing, but he stayed) and the first evening he stayed in the kitchen for his leftover meal. Then his dissapeared. He's not worth his name at the moment. Neither is Nessie. She always was the coward one, fleeing when someone besides the household is coming to visit, so no wondering there. Puma is off and on in the kitchen, always yelling, no news there neither.
I guess in a couple of days, it will be better.
Kwispel and I enjoy our walks. Today we were out for an hour. DD said he was a lazy dog, but even after the walk he came with his tennisball to play. As she lives only 2 streets away, the air cannot be much different here!
I'm feeling a cold coming up. I need to finish my BDcard today, so it can be posted tomorrow to arrive in time. It's stitched for 90%, so not much to go anymore with a sore head.

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