vrijdag 26 december 2008

To all who read this blog: a very nice belated Christmas!
We spent Christmas eve with my daughter's family. Hubby was up for a couple of hours and enjoyed it. As usual there was nice food, small but many and different bit and bites. We played Wii games, after each game a number was drawn and the according present was opened. I got 2 fleece blankets with according reindeer, a little bath duck with reindeer antlers (yes, Rudolph is in town!) and J.K.Rowlings 'The tales of Beedle the Bard'. Hubby got nice pijamas for his hospitalvisit next month (year). SIL got DVD's, DD got socks she can put in nthe microwave before putting them on (always has cold feet) and bright pots for crisps and popcorn. Stein and Robbe got mainly Lego, Jelle got some more bath ducklings. Their dogs got a large yummy bone and the cats got little mousy toys.
Christmas was spent at our house. First Stein, Robbe and me read the Christmas story, each of us read loud a couple of pages of the child friendly story. Then we had a nice dinner, nothing fancy, roast with a variety of veggies, and we had a nice chat while the kids were playing. Stein wondered why we always talked about the virgin Mary, was Virgin her family name? We all laughed and said we would explain when he was old enough. Hubby was tired after all that and the kids went home, we settled for a quiet evening and so Christmas 2008 passed quickly without much fuss, just as we planned it. Our cats were happy with it, they don't like people to sit in their chairs, especially after a nice Christmas meal when their tummy needs a much deserved rest!
Today we had no important things to do, we eat the leftovers from yesterday, so plenty of time to stitch. I finished the 8th part of my winter SAL and took my WIP Cut Thru Lighthouse. I hope to have it finished very soon!

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Ruth zei

Merry Christmas to you too. Here's hoping your husband feels himself again soon. It's awful to be going through all this at holiday time.