zaterdag 20 december 2008

A bit of grumbling

Not much stitching done lately, so no pics. I'll have to take myself together and pick up that needle again!
Last week we were in hospital because of the pain my DH experienced was so much, he couldn't cope with it anymore. They prescribed another type of painkillers he can take together with the ones he is taking already. He started with one dose, after 3 days it became 2 doses, now he is on 3 doses and it seems to work finally. He isn't in bed all the time and can do a little bit of reading and watching television again. He also can go for a beer to his favourite pub again (he drinks only one and according to the doctor there is no harm in it).
Another bad part of him being sick for so long and me being working part time is that the piggy bank is getting empty. We have a good insurance for hospital bills, but there is so much more you have to pay for and the mortgage, electricity and other monthly bills keeps running. Last month we got a bill from the Taxoffice from which we fell over. Today I saw what the income of my DH was this month, I even can't pay the Christmaspresents from it! And we even don't buy expensive things, but we want to eat something more luxurious as a Christmas dinner.
I guess I am a bit depressed by it all, not knowing what the outcome of the surgery is, having just enough money to pay for everything but no extras, being in the darkest months of the year so very much lack of sunshine.
Lucky for me I have loads of stash gathered in the past, so I can stitch for a long time before I run out of it! I always laughed when DH grumbled about buying things that would go into a box for 'later'. It is astonishing how soon 'later' has come around.
We have only a very tiny Christmastree, a few inches high. But I have taken my collection of reindeer (I'm a Rudolph addict) and scattered them over the house, so there is a bit of holiday atmosphere. Some presents are wrapped up and are lying under my painting easel, where I have put up the cards I received already. Every little bit helps!

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Mylene zei

Glad to hear the medicines work better now.
Please do take care.