zaterdag 17 december 2011

Back again!

Yes, it's too long ago since I blogged, no time (who can sell me a bottle of it?), too tired, a million other reasons...

But I'm back.

I already made a resolution for next year! Jeanneke has come with a challenge. To make a little house of scraps every day. I'm sure to have no time for 366 houses (next year being a leap year), but at least one a month. On the 15th she sent out the chart and I must say, my fingers are itching, I already searched through my scraps!

I did an appliqué course, the first two "homeworks" ar done. I'm rather pleased with them.

I worked on the fishes top for my oldest grandson. The cushion top of a dino is ready to quilt, the cushion top of a gecko is almost ready to quilt and I will have to do another one with a truck. The three of them will have to be ready for Christmas. Fortunately I had some holidays left, so I have the next week off to finish them in time. The fishes quilt has to be ready for the 15th of April, as a gift for my oldest grandsons Holy communion.

I also begged for selvedges with my teacher and did a little stitching with them, such a nice thing to do. There will be more added in the future. And I hope to make some more hexagons too next year.

I will have to start on another quilt, this time for my second grandson, he has his Commuinon in 2013 and he wants a gecko quilt to go along with his cushion. I have the fabric for a Halloween quilt for my daughter, to give her on one of her birthdays in the future. I also have the fabic for a red/white/black quilt for myself. So plenty to do, besides that there are the regular questions for siggies.

Meanwhile, if I don't come back before the 25th: a Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Anoniem zei

Haaa daar ben je weer!
Ik herkende de appli bloemen meteen (van de lessen)
Nee tijd heb ik nog nergens gevonden ... anders zou ik delen!
Jij ook fijne feestdagen, hé!