vrijdag 18 februari 2011

It's a while ago since I blogged, not much stitched neither.

I started going through the clothes of DH, thought I could start to do some of them to a charity organisation. And there was the pain again, unexpected and very hard. I'm going to see a psychologist next week, I think I'm not ready to cope with it myself alone.

My stitching was reduced to almost nothing.

First there is a pic of my youngest grandson, it's Carnival in his school and he will go dressed as Mega Toby, a character that is hughly popular in Flanders. I hope he will be able to go to school next week as he is with me, sick with chicken-pox, at the moment he has very few dots and isn't too itchy.

I did purchase various templates, I did some diamonds and made a pincushion from them. The backside colours are the opposite of the frontside coloursand also the button is white at the other side too. I'm pleased with it. Now I want to make a cathedral window pincushion.

I didn't make a single stitch on my quilting project for the course, so nothing to let see for the teacher!

The lego logo was stiched for the Regenboogkussens, for a little boy.

The heart was made for a Valentine exchange. I love the paper piecing technique, so I made it this way. I received a beautiful cross stitched heart in exchange.

I did some more hexagons flowers, want to stitch them onto the previous ones to make the piece a little bigger. This is therapeutic stitching for me.

I hope to blog more often again in the future, the sun was out this week and I felt it did so much good for all people, the mood seemed to change from one moment to the other. So hurry Spring!

2 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Lieve Edith,

Hoe moeilijk is het om te rouwen, juist omdat die geliefde er niet meer is om je op te vangen... Sterkte ermee! Big hug for you.

Je werkjes zijn zo leuk! Fijn om te zien.

Goed weekend & groetjes, Carolien

Ryan zei

What a wee cutey, hope he gets over those nasty chicken pox soon. Thanks for entering my giveaway.