zondag 17 oktober 2010

Lots of pictures

The first pic is of my family. In front are my parents with all their offspring and in-laws. It was taken on the remembrance party for my late husband. Some of them are not on the pic, other commitments...
Then there is the start of the second fish, a green one this time.
I finished the first green block of the top we started in our patchwork course. The pic is how it is now (still have to press the seams and stitch the row together).
The 3 next parts of the Lizzy Kate SAL are done, 3 to go and it will be finished.
I started 2 other SAL's on another group, I just became member of it. The first is a series of Christmas socks. The first one has a Santa in it. Then there is the snowman bookmark, of which I stitched 2 parts already.
The crazy chick I stitched on a workshop in De Banier, the shop of the Chiro, a Belgium kind of scouting. I did another workshop for cherrypitcushions, but I haven't finished it yet.
The quaker halloween design is of Sanman, something different as tje usual designs.
And the cushion of Regenboogkussens where I stitched the 3 victorian kids is ready, another person happy with the thought that people care.
I won't be able tot stich much the next weeks, my daughter's collegue has become mum to Emma. The daycarecenter is run by the two of them, so In kept my holidays until now. So I will be in the middle of 14 screaming, drooling, pooping babies. And roll into my bed after an 11 hour workday!
On monday I will be having a day of as my quilting course starts at the Calico House in Antwerp. I feel my fingers itching already.

2 opmerkingen:

Kathy zei

Great pics! And all those finishes are just fabulous! Great work on everything. Good luck with the 14 babies. :)

Carolien zei

What a lovely things you made! That snowman with the curlu nose is so cute! And the stitched children too.