zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Show & tell

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for being together with fellow-addicts. We gathered by the river edge in the clubhouse of the sea-scouts to see wonderful things.
After a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, the show began.
My eyes grew bigger and bigger with every piece that came by. There were very big pieces and small ones, but all very beautiful. As a beginner, it is overwhelming. You have two choices as a novice: or you give up, thinking that you never can achieve such beauties, or you are hooked forever and determined to make a piece for the next Show & tell, even if it is small. I'm one of the last kind.
Then we had lunch, everybody brought his own sandwiches, and meanwhile the quilts were hung outside, to admire for everybody.
We got a present from the shopowner who did organize this show. We each got a magazine and a small packet to stitch. The result can be seen on the picture above. I started it in the afternoon and couldn't stop, I just had to finish it. I'm soo pleased with it and although it's in Christmas fabrics, it's on my desk to admire and to convince me that I can do it!
I spent hours into the nigth, looking through magazines and dreaming.
My aim is to finish the top we started in the patchwork class this summer and to see what is in my box that can be finished in a decent way.
I think my cross stitching will be on a lower level the next couple of months, no new commitments anymore (unless I can't fight it :-)) )

3 opmerkingen:

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Woooow, jij bent snel geweest!
Ik heb het mijne vandaag ook maar snel gemaakt!
Plezant hebbedingetje!

inge zei

mooi hebbedingetje!

Ilse zei

heel leuk, voor ons was het ook een zeer geslaagde dag.