zondag 13 juni 2010

I'm still around

It's a while ago since I blogged, time flies by and I wonder where it goes.
Siggie harvest was good lately, several beauties joined the pile. Thank you very much, ladies!
Another Christamscard is ready for the end of the year. It was Margaret Sherry freebie, only the presents were stitched, but small and quarter stitches did not make it easy.
I had another painting workshop. This time I'm not so pleased with the result, it looks a bit empty. As it is acrylic paint, I am able to put some more things in it afterwards, I'm not sure what and where though. Time will bring inspiration.
My patchwork course has ended. I learned so much and I'm hooked forever! I went through a lot of bags and boxes lately and found loads of fabric and UFO's. Like this log cabin. With the techniques I learned during this last months, I know I wasn't doing right. I finished the two blocks that were almost done and made them into a pincushion. I will make some of the others into scissor keepers and start all over again. I love the colours and will make something in the log cabin style.
I also picked up my Christmas sampler again. Now I know how I can make those cursed trees in paper piecing. I will finish it in time for the season and proudly hang it on my wall.
In fact I learned so much that I can finish several things, also cushion covers with cross stitching.
I hope I can join the actual quilting course after the summer holidays, it sounds very interesting, though exhausing.
I will attend a tell and show meeting this month fot quilting, the first ever, I'm excited and I'm sure I will see lots of things and find inspiration.
We had some lovely sunny and warm weather in May. I bought a hughe hammock lately, it almost fills my terrace. It is under a large umbrella, so cool and out of the sun. I already spent hours in it, my grandsons are hughe fans of it too.
My little darling Jelle had a nice birthday, my parents and sister came for the cake. He got a lovely Thomas the Tankengine set and was very pleased with it. Unfortunately, he has painful ears and throat and tongue due to infections. He stayed all week with me, spoiled of course. It is a kid that needs so much attention when something is wrong. His big brothers were easier, they were on the couch with their cuddle when they were sick and didn't make much fuss. Well, in all we had a nice week together. Only he doesn't want to sleep in the big bed anymore, he claims there are pigs in it. I guess I do snore.
I will have him another week in the end of the month. His brothers are at sea classes and mum and dad want to do things around their house. I can smell the cookies already coming!
Today is election day in Belgium, wonder what will come out of it this time.

4 opmerkingen:

Carolien zei

Hello Edith,

Your pincushion is so nice! I love log cabins too.
I am glad to read you enjoyed the quilting lessons, another one hooked! I just joined a quiltgroup and love it!
Big giggle when reading about the pigs in your bed ;))) I hope the little one feels better now, well he must be sinds grandma pampered him :)

Have a nice week & groetjes,

Yvonne aka sommeke zei

Heb je quiltlessen bij Calico House gehad? Ga je dan naar de Show and Tell op 25/06?
Beterschap voor het kleine manneke. Lachen met de varkentjes in bed!

LiaGovers zei

Zo schattig allemaal!

Gerda zei

Wat mooiii allemaal Edith.... ik surf wat af in blogjesland de laatste tijd hoor!!!

Ohja, ik heb een plaatsje ingenomen bij je volgers.... leek me erg leuk.

Fijn weekend....