donderdag 20 augustus 2009

RR and Regenboogkussen square

I stitched this little bear in a snowball fight on the hottest days of the year. It brought no cooling though. It is for Nadia, she chose winter as a theme for her RR. Next month the last one, I believe it is puppies then.
The Lily of the Valley square is for the Regenboogkussens. The theme was flowers for several cushioncovers for the families of the people who died as a remembrance. Next we will stitch cushioncovers for the wounded people. I will stitch a rainbow for one of them, not sure if I will have the time for more.
DH was in the daycare center for palliative people yesterday. He was so happy, he was pampered all day, got a lovely bubble bath, a nice lunch and lovely companionship. He was full of stories when he came back home and slept like an angel. Next week he will go again.
And I got some time for my own. I've decided to go back to quilting. I made some placemats in a long forgotten past, but still have a stash of fabric. See if I still got the skill for it and make something small in the near future.

3 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

Love the finishes! Glad your DH had a good day and you had some "you" time.

Kathy zei

Lovely stitching. I love the lily of the valley piece. I am so glad that DH is finding some enjoyment at the center. And giving you a break at the same time. Those little things help.

Lia zei

Prachtig borduurwerk!