donderdag 23 juli 2009

Lightning Mc Queen

I stitched Lightning Mc Queen for Regenboogkussens. It is for a little boy who is fond of the cartoon Cars. It was searching for a while for a chart with the right dimensions, but one of the members of the group sent a good one to me.
We had a couple of warm sunny days, so when Jelle, our youngest grandson was at our place, I filled a tub of water and he was enjoying it very mucht, as you can see. Kids and water and sand go very well together. No sand though at our terras.
Our good friend Jean-Yves came from Germany for some days. He cleaned up the garden and took us to the seaside for a day. It was very nice weather and we could sit for a while with a nice Belgian Beer and one of our national dishes Tomato with shrimps. Yummie! Zeebrugge is the place where we took the ferry to Hull in a previous life to go on holidays to Scotland. So lots of happy memories came back while sitting there. And some healthy air is always good.
Hubby is doing rather well, yesterday a kind of infiltation thing was installed and nurses come every day to fill it with morphine to kill the pain. Next week we will go to the pain clinic again to see if the amount they put in it, is enough. I'm reliefed that he is being more comfortable.

4 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

Praying for you all, Edith. Lovely finish. Cute pic of your little sweetie!

PurestGreen zei

Adorable photo of the wee man. Glad to hear you have both been able to enjoy the summer days.

Brigitte zei

Your grandson is a little sweetie, and playing at grandma's is always fun.
Your day out at Zeebrugge seems to have been a wonderful day.

too_busy_to_stitch zei

What a sweetie! Love your Lightnin' McQueen too.