dinsdag 7 juli 2009

Another finish

I started to stitch on the tiger last week, but soon got bored with it. Then I discovered another piece I started not too long ago, so you can still call it a WIP. The right lower quarter was done apart from the backstitches. So I did a good amount of hours of stitching an finished it.
It's a Michael Powell design, mini Greek island 1. I love his designs. I stitched some of his mini designs already, I will take a pic of it for another time.
He has designed a couple of lighthouses too, my favourite theme to stitch.
At the moment I'm stitching on the RR, with funny animals as a theme. The charts were with it, but I won't say which animal I choose yet.
The RR I sent to the next girl hasn't arrived yet, nor has the BD card. It's funny, sometimes the post to the Netherlands goes perfectly, other times it takes ages before it arrives. It's always worrying when it's delayed, sometimes things get lost.

4 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

Wonderful finish - I love Michael Powell's work, too!

Meari zei

Congrats on your finish, Edith!

too_busy_to_stitch zei

So beautiful! I have one of his bookmarks that has a similar design to this, and am itching to start, but have to finish something first, lol!

glenda zei

Great job!