zaterdag 6 juni 2009


Two pics today from Regenboogkussens. First there is the finished cushioncover for Ruth, a little girl. She has Nijntje as a theme. I stitched the central one for her.
Then there is Edinburgh castle which I stitched it for hubby, it will be sent to Siobhan together with the piece Heidi, my daughter, will stitch. She will put the cushioncover together. I stitched itunder his very nose and he hasn't got a clue for which purpose it is.
I have stitched the halloween card, just have to put it together and send it.
Today I'll start the RR, I chose the chart already which I want to stitch.
Hubby had his first chemotherapy treatment yesterday, it was a long day in hospital. It went very well. Now he has a kind of tube connected to his portacath, which will provide chemotherapy for the whole week. Next Friday he will have to go back for another tube and the week after that one more. The first results should be known by then.
Tomorrow is election day in Belgium, we will elect the people who will represent us in Europe for the next years and also some national elections are held. We are nor free to go, every Belgian has to give his vote or he gets penalties.

3 opmerkingen:

Kathy zei

The little girl's cushion cover is adorable.
Glad to hear that your DH's treatment went well. I hope he doesn't have too many side effects. :(

Brigitte zei

What a lovely pillow cover you all made. I love this sort of projects.
Your husband will love what you stitched for him without him knowing that is would be for him, lol. Good to read that his chemo is going well.

glenda zei

The rabbits are adorable! I bet your dh is going to love the gift.

thanks for the info about voting in Belgium, i like learning new things like that- i had no idea it was required anywhere!