zondag 28 juni 2009

Another UFO and more others

This is another UFO I discovered. It was in the same drawer as the tiger. It is called 'The Wild Ones Alphabet'. I plan to stitch on it one evening a week and on the tiger one evening too.

The map of Scotland is the piece that Heidi, my daughter, stitched for hubbies Regenboogkussen. Next month it will be delivered, I start to be very curious about it. I don't know what kind of fabric they will use to combine with the stitched pieces. The design was partly in a magazine, but I had to redesign the West coast as there was a thistle and someone else has stitched that already.
The duck is a design of Margaret Sherry, missed it in the Cross Stitcher, but I got a compy from a good friend. I hope she will design more of this type, especially a cat.
And the second part of the summer SAL is finished too, the chart of the third part arrived already and is very easy, so will be finished soon.
I stitched some BDcards for the BDlist I'm in, but I can't show them yet. It's the first time I'm pretty well in advance with my cards, very unlike me!
I hope to stitch a lot more next week, but the weather should be very warm and sweaty, not good for fabricstains! I'll let you see the result next week.
Hubby had another big session of chemotherapy last friday, it went well. He also got more painmedicin again, stickers with morfine based drugs. It's starting to work, the pain is much less, but he is more sleepy than ever now. He is contstantly losing weight, whic worries me very much, whatever I try, he never is hungry. In 3 weeks we will know the results of the therapy, so fingers crossed.

4 opmerkingen:

Carolyn NC zei

Wow - you have been busy. I love that Wild Ones Alphabet especially! Hope you get good reports with DH's chemo. Will pray for him.

too_busy_to_stitch zei

Lovely stitching - I'm glad I found your blog :o) Hope that your husband's chemo has good results.

Brigitte zei

You've made some nice progress on your projects.
I'll continue sending positive thoughts.

glenda zei

I love the wild ones alphabet!