vrijdag 27 maart 2009


I know Ingrid received her BD card, so I can publish it. I chose a Maria Diaz design of a couple of baby owls in their nest, waiting for mum or dad to see if they get a juicy little bit of food. Tey lookto be curious to see what happens in the big world outside.
Next card I will have to stitch for the BDlist has the colour purple as a theme. I've chosen the design already.
Yesterday I stitched on the 5th part of the cow SAL, hope to finish it today and request the last part.
I was at the doctors yesterday for my finger. It seems there is no infection but a gel cyste. It should be squized out on regular times because the bulb is growing all the time and starts to hurt when it's too big. Or I should have a minor surgical incident. I don't like the latter at all. I can manage the first part without too much of pain. I'm afraid for doctors to cut into my precious fingers!

3 opmerkingen:

Brigitte zei

Oh, I love these baby owls. They are so cute.
I hope tat your finger will get better without surgery. Hmmm, I wouldn't like the thought of someone cutting into my stitching fingers either. So let's hope it will heal without.

Kathy zei

Your owls are adorable! I love them. You did a fabulous job on both the stitching and the card making.
Hope your finger is better soon.

Carolyn NC zei

Cute card! Hope your finger problems work out.