maandag 5 januari 2009

Old, new and finished WIP

This is my almost finished WIP of Cut Thru' Lighthouse. I love the cut thru series so much, I have some of the kits in stash. The next one I want to stitch is Cut Thru' Haberdashery, but first finish this one. I only have to do the right bottom and the lightbeams, they are in half cross stitch, so it should go rather fast. It was in my UFO stash, but I'm glad I took it up again.

I want to pick up another UFO this year and finish it, don't know yet which one, probably one for DH.

My fist project is finished, a birthdaycard for my CrossStitchLovers Yahoo group, we have a birthdaylist once again, this month I need to finish 3 cards,one is already on its way, the second I found a suiting design and the thirtd I will have to go through my charts. I will post them once they are received.

I chose my first small project for this year, it will be a Michael Powell one, the first Mini Greek Island. I love the designs very much, have bigger and small kits, the small ones will be tackled one by one.

The mini Hollyhocks are from Heritage Stitchcraft. I try to finish one small design of the a year. I will choose another mini flower again this year. I did all the small kits with the animals already and some of the flowers. If I could only buy time and stitch a lot more.
I didn't stitch much already this year, my middle finger is very badly infammated. Its to is almost double its size and gone to purplish. I have got antibiotics cream from the doctor and hope it will cure very soon, my fingers are aching for stitching!
Today we went to hospital for the pre-surgery examinations. It's coming near now, next monday DH will be entering the hospital, the surgery will be the next day.

4 opmerkingen:

Kathy zei

Lovely stitching. And those cut-throughs are all so cute. I do hope your finger heals quickly so you can get back to your stitching.

Brigitte zei

Congratulations on your first finish this year.

Your lighthouse is nearly done. Isn't it a great feeling to pull out an old UFO and sticth on it until it's finished?

Mylene zei

Great stitching!

I hope your finger heals quikly and the dh surgery goes well.

Shell zei

the cut throughs are great designs.Love the mini floral,I have the orchid one in my stash.Hope your finger is better soon.