dinsdag 30 december 2008


I'm going to be in the newspaper!
There was a forum for new years resolutions. I wrote that I wanted to go on a diet in 2009 because I am obese. They picked me and 4 others to follow for six months in the newspaper. They are doing 5 people too for stopping smoking.
Yesterday the photographer came to take some pics, I'm afraid they won't be flattering!
We will get the chance to write a blog about it (in Flemish) and people will give us advice end encourage us.
So I will have to diet now, I definitely won't go down in front of all those people who know me and read about it in the paper.
Long ago I did some weeks of Weight Watchers, I still have the books, so I will try to do that. The newspaper said they would send a book about diets, so I can pick some advice from that too.
The moment I got the phonecall that they picked me, I could slap myself that I had done something so stupid! But now I see it as an adventure. Until now only my family knows about it, so I guess some people will totaly be caugth by surprise when they see my picture in the newspaper, I hope they will support me.
I'll keep you update next year about what happens!
I did a lot of stitching on my Cut Thru Lighthouse, I hoped it would be finished by the end of the year, but it will be January. I've sorted out what I want to stitch next year (besides cards and SALs and exchanges). Just need to take pics of it all and then I can publish it.

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Donna zei

Congratulations! Let's do this together. I am doing Weight Watchers this year too. I lost 100 pounds on it several years ago and then I got married!
My e-mail is dwooleybooger@yahoo.com
If you need support, let me know!