donderdag 27 november 2008

Look who's here

I am a happily married woman. I'm going through a though time since my hubby was diagnosed with cancer last year.
My daughter and her family are a big support, but you can't put too much weight on the shoulders of a young family with 3 kids, so I will make my complaints here!
My 3 cats take an important place in my life too.
I love cross stitch, seeing threads coming into a picture and make people happy with a small selfmade item, can make me smile.
I try to do some drawing, just for fun, nothing special.
I love books, have loads of them, the thicker they are, the better. No lovestories though, historical based or crime stories are my favourite.
I watch all CSI's, Navy NCIS, Bones, Life, Women's Murder Club, Midsummer Murders, Aspe, I just love crime serials!
I have a administrative job, too much hobbies and not enough time.

2 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Welcome to blogland, Edith.
CSI and Bones are the only one i watch on TV. Thinking of you and your dh. Take care.

Donna zei

Welcome and thanks for following my blog. I watch CSI, NCIS and Criminal Minds. I also have an administrative job.